Cultural Challenge

In collaboration with Jjaja Bbanga Community Organization (JBCO), Grassrootz Adventures offers travellers the opportunity to take part in the Kyalo Challenge (Village Challenge) . Here you can get acquainted with life in the Ugandan countryside spending time taking part in the daily activities of the village. During the activities you will get explanations and guidance from the local staff.

Some example activities

  • Slashing (mowing grass with a metal scythe)
  • Digging (on the land)
  • Fetching water (fetching water from the the pump/source)
  • Splitting fire wood (for cooking)
  • Harvesting food from the garden
  • Preparing a local meal
  • Cultural Dance
  • Trees Planting
  • Sporting activities such as a football match with the locals
  • Running Contest

Find out more about the Jjaja Bbanga Community by visiting their facebook page. If you would like to take part in the Cultural Challenge please get in touch with us.