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Anne Nakure

My passion and love for Tourism and adventure was inspired by my home district Kisoro the home of the Virunga ranges and my travels around Uganda.

Otto David Oyoo

Enthusiastic, energetic and resourceful driver/tour guide with over 10 years of experience accompanying clients on trips to various locations in different parts of Uganda.

Moses Kabubi

I thrive on meeting different people from across the world to share knowledge, socialise, and enjoy all aspects of tourism.


I enjoy helping people not only discover and enjoy one of the most diverse places in the world (my country Uganda), but also to experience it in comfort.

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An extremely varied landscape, with mountains on the east and west borders, savannahs and rainforests spread throughout the region in the south.

A significant part of the country consists of National Parks. The best known are Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Kibale, Rwenzori Mountains and of course the mystical Kidepo Valley on the border of South-Sudan and Kenya. Kidepo Valley National Park was chosen third best safari park in Africa by CNN in 2013.

Besides the countless ‘classic’ savannah animals such as lions, elephants and giraffes, the birds and mountain gorillas in Bwindi, remote National Parks are stand-alone reasons to visit Uganda.

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Travel with us, support a community

IC Uganda foundation

Grassrootz is a partner in an organisation established to help individuals and communities in and related to Uganda to become independent and self-supporting.

International Contact Uganda (ICU), originally set up as an NGO, works to establish, maintain and improve community building projects and gives advice and guidance to organisations active in Uganda. It also offers Volunteering Services that will link volunteers to projects.

Simply by booking with Grassrootz, you will be helping people in one of their projects.

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Jjaja Bbanga Community

In 2010 we initiated a community project called Jjaja Bbanga Community in Ngoma village in the southwest of Uganda. We work with a clear educational focus on creating a fundamental base for the local population.

Along with the development of a primary school, a project for sustainable energy was started. In the near future, we also want to provide vocational education and create opportunities for independent entrepreneurship. We have established and continue to fund a health clinic for the local inhabitants in and around Ngoma.

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3 years ago
Jjaja Bbanga waterproject

The water source is providing a lot of water on the first day. The diggers need to go deeper to be able to set up the water pump. To be continued!