Why travel with us?

Grassrootz is a social business promoting fair travel and community tourism in Uganda. We offer unique experiences because we stay with local Ugandan families and communities rather than at tourist resorts. We can combine safaris, round trips and expeditions, whatever you want to do. With Grassrootz you will experience ‘real’ Uganda by meeting many different tribes with their unique cultural habits and traditions. We promise you’ll have a truly Ugandan Experience!

Custom-made tours

Our aim is to create a trip tailored to what you want, suitable for the time you have and your budget.

Ready-made tours

Need help deciding? Book one of our ready-made tours via safaribookings.com and pay online quickly and easily.

Local expertise

We're not a tour operator, we are a group of the very best professional guides and drivers ready with local knowledge.

A social business

We promote social entrepreneurship by working with local people and groups around the country.

Off the beaten track

Uganda is still relatively new to tourism and we'll take you to some remote areas rarely visited by travellers.

Detailed itinerary

We work with you to perfect your trip plan and final cost and provide you with a detailed itinerary.

Are there things you want to do, places you want to visit and adventures you want to experience?

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Our team

Our team is based in Uganda and the Netherlands and we’re here to make sure you have the best possible experience when travelling across Uganda.

Sander van Zanten

Sander lived and worked in Uganda from 2007 to 2014 and is the founder of Grassrootz Adventures. He has seen every corner of Uganda and is very passionate about the country, its people and the magnificent flora and fauna! Please feel free to send him a mail with any question about Uganda.

Emmanuel Ojakala

I have spent all my life in Uganda. Having lived in many parts of the country I have grown to appreciate Uganda and how it is gifted by nature and there’s no better way to appreciate my own country than showing it to others, especially those who love nature and different cultures. Safari guiding is the only way I can do what I love most.

David Arocha

I come from a village in Eastern Uganda, an area of National Park and swamp. Back in the 80s, it was a place that was highly affected by civil war. It was safer to stay in the bush rather than at home. I remember as a child many animals used to wander into our village following the swamp and this is when I started to develop my love and understanding of wildlife. That’s one of the reasons why I love my job as a safari guide.

Moses Kabubi

Since starting my career in tourism, I have developed into a professional guide. With this, I have found an interest in the social part of the job, interacting, sharing views and experiences with different people. So my core principle is to discover the client’s areas of interest in order to give them an unforgettable Grassrootz adventure

Paul Buzinde

Once you have been on a trip with Paul you most likely want to come back to Uganda! Paul will ensure you have the best time during your trip!

David Otto

Our ‘youngest’ driver is David. He will take care of you as if you are staying at his own home, in fact, sometimes he invites guests to his house in Kitgum! So whenever he takes you to Kidepo don’t forget to greet his family!

Bob Mugenyi

I am from the Kabarole district in Western Uganda. I’m 29.

Sarah Jjuuko

In 2003, Sarah together with Sander, founded ICUganda to support people living in (rural) Uganda. Since then they have started a primary school, a bio-gas project, school garden, maize mill and a clinic.

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Travel with us, support a community

IC Uganda foundation

Grassrootz is a partner in an organisation established to help individuals and communities in and related to Uganda to become independent and self-supporting.

International Contact Uganda (ICU), originally set up as an NGO, works to establish, maintain and improve community building projects and gives advice and guidance to organisations active in Uganda. It also offers Volunteering Services that will link volunteers to projects.

Simply by booking with Grassrootz, you will be helping people in one of their projects.

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Jjaja Bbanga Community

In 2010 we initiated a community project called Jjaja Bbanga Community in Ngoma village in the southwest of Uganda. We work with a clear educational focus on creating a fundamental base for the local population.

Along with the development of a primary school, a project for sustainable energy was started. In the near future, we also want to provide vocational education and create opportunities for independent entrepreneurship. We have established and continue to fund a health clinic for the local inhabitants in and around Ngoma.

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3 months ago
Y4Y Uganda 2018

Great work, Y4Y has done a wonderfull job and we hope to see them again!

2 augustus 2018
Vandaag was het een hele rustige dag, we zijn onze laatste kleren in gaan pakken en zouden nog wat helpen in de kliniek. Er was alleen een klein probleempje. De dokter die om 10 uur ... See more